GreenByDesign Hawaii Launches New Sustainability Portal

GreenByDesign offers daily updated news and features on sustainable living in Hawaii

Today, GreenByDesign Hawaii officially launched its new website.  Designed to be one of Hawaii’s most comprehensive information sources for sustainability and alternative energy news and features.  Focused on this growing knowledge industry, GreenByDesign Hawaii  tracks local companies and products, as well as Hawaii-based research projects.

Hawaii has the potential to become a model for sustainability, as it possesses every imaginable alternative energy resource in abundance.  The move to reduce our dependency on imported oil is very popular, and its underscored by government commitments to develop renewable energy in our state.

The subject of sustainability is all encompassing, ranging from new energy sources, to conservation strategies, transportation options, architecture, environmental issues and lifestyle choices.  GreenByDesign Hawaii  can be your window on this important and exciting movement in Hawaii.

Visit GreenByDesign Hawaii’s Website

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Mission Statement

Clean Green Advocacy (CGA) is the first multi-discipline consortium for alternative energy and sustainability-related companies in Hawaii. CGA serves as both an industry advocate and a public outreach venture to promote the interests of its partner companies.

The CGA is a consortium, not a trade association, and therefore limits participation to one representative company in each discipline within the sustainable services sector.

So, our commitment to your success goes beyond public policy issues.

And, because we believe that public support is crucial to motivating public officials, CGA has invested in a comprehensive public outreach program called GreenByDesign. GreenByDesign is also a powerful brand building and media messaging channel for your company’s positive exposure to the marketplace. We use the latest social media strategies for maximum impact and solid cost-efficiency.


Passive Solar / Photovoltaic

Wind Energy

Bio Fuels

Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

LEED Architects

Local Food Producers

Rapid Transit

Sustainable Design & Construction

Recycling & Material Recovery

Ocean Energy


Inter-Island Electrical Transmission / Smart Grid Technologies

Personal Trasportation (Segway, Bikes, Electric Scooters)

Green Services (Cleaning, Landscaping, Professional Associations, Sustainability Consulting, Energy Audits, Etc.)

Energy Star & water conservation appliances / Retailers & Distributors

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